• the closed training, tailored to the needs of the specifics of a given unit and type of the implemented system
  • the open trainings that deepen their knowledge and skills related to the current support of office applications and learn the effective use of the Internet and e-mail


  • installation and maintenance of mailboxes, e-mail
  • creating, maintaining and updating websites (development of the overall concept of the website, preparation of graphic design based on the latest technologies, verification and completion data)
  • consultations when you select links in Internet
  • FTP servers
  • support for domains (DNS)

The Department of It Services of the Regional Center of Information technologies – Field Data Bank in Rzeszow was established on 30 April 1999. as agriculture, auxiliary Regional Center of Information technologies – Field Data Bank in Rzeszow. The location of the Enterprise It Services is in the building Subcarpathian Voivodeship office in Rzeszow on the street of Grunwald 15.

Block our company provides comprehensive it support Subcarpathian Office Voivodship in rzeszów together with his delegaturami in Krosno, Przemysl and Tarnobrzeg. In our statutory objectives should, in particular:

  • development of commercial applications for Office and businesses external
  • maintenance of it equipment and applications included in the kit Office
  • administration and maintenance of the local data networks that are installed in the Control rooms
  • providing services in the field of information technology to external organizations on commercial basis.

Dynamic and professional team ensures continuous personal development, and knowledge of issues related to the state and self-governing allows you to create it tools that facilitate the work of the authorities.

           Keeping in mind the best implementation obligations, we have created the Enterprise It Services section programming that has developed, among other things, the following programs.

 „The Document Management system and Employees Tasks (e-Dok)”,allows full control over the circulation of correspondence and to track the status of Affairs in the units of governmental administration, as local self-government. This program also allows you to plan and prioritize tasks for employees.

„Electronic Communication System (SEK)” it is a platform that has the function of Electronic Mail Podawczej (ESP), ensuring the implementation of tasks arising from the Order of the President Council of Ministers of 29 September 2005. under the terms of organizational and technical delivery of electronic documents the subjects of transport. One of the components of H the HSM device (hardware security module) that meet the requirements of FIPS 140-2.


            Our practical experience, linked to, posted in divisions of bodies of state power and bodies of local self-government give I hope that the legal system of the Enterprise It Services will be also useful in Your Office.

Opening hours:


. 730-1530 


. 800-1600


35-969 Rzeszow
ul. Grunwaldzka 75

tel. 017 844 17 66 
fax 017 844 16 67